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We understand the risks involved in having a broken garage door. Keeping the urgency of the situation in mind most garage door dealers offer same day service. If you have a broken garage door emergency we can definitely help you with that and give you that feeling of relief! You might notice a loud crack or pinging sound when a spring breaks. Or, you might just notice that your double door goes up very slowly or not at all. Changing torsion springs is beyond the capacity of most do-it-yourself handyman and not worth the risk of injury. Torsion springs are high tension springs that needs to be removed and replaced under tremendous compression. Better to hire a garage door pro. Rollers and track adjustment aren't difficult but again having a pro come in and inspect the whole system makes good sense. During the inspection any routine maintenance like adjustment and lubrication can be done at that time.

We can provide you with a professional measure, quote and installation service and will be happy to advice on the best product fit into your lifestyle. We can also showcase and demonstrate the features of each of our products to give you the best possible options that will suit your comfort and most specially your needs! We will restore the lost function of your garage door allowing in less time, and for less money.

We also provide a complete after-sales service should you wish to upgrade your system components such as garage or gate openers or any of the accessory range. We can supply all parts for the products we sell and are full-qualified for all repairs.